How to Hang a Backdrop

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How to Hang a Backdrop

To avoid soiling or damaging the backdrop, we recommend that you cover the floor with plastic sheeting before unrolling or re-rolling the backdrop. Alternatively, make sure the floor is swept clean.

Using Light Stands or Grip Stands

Unroll the canvas backdrop on the floor. Secure the top of the canvas to the pole with grip clamps. Lift the pole and canvas into position and secure.

Stapling to a Wall

Two people are required for this method. While the first person supports and unrolls the canvas along the wall, the second person follows behind securing the top edge with staples. Staple only within two inches of the edge of the canvas. Do not staple through the painted image on the backdrop.

Hanging from Gridwork

Unroll the canvas on the floor. Attach the top of the canvas to a wooden or metal cross piece with staples or grip clamps. Tie ropes to either end of the cross piece. Pass the ropes over the gridwork. With one person to a rope, lift the canvas evenly into position and tie it off.

Returning the Backdrop

Again, make sure that the surface on which you will be rolling up the canvas is clean and that you clean any dirt off the canvas before rolling it. Place the canvas so that the image is facing up. Then, tape the canvas to a cardboard tube (canvases must be returned on a cardboard tube). Roll the canvas so that the image faces inside. When the canvas has been re-rolled, tape the edge at the top, middle, and bottom. Apply tape to the back of the backdrop only. Tape only half way around the tube.